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Web and mobile software development
Interactive presentations and advertising animations.

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We have a branch in Poland, India and Ukraine
to lower costs and 10 years of experience so
we can offer the best quality at the best price.

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2what we do


We design such items as:

Web sites.

Animations 2D/3D.

Multimedia presentations.

Print materials, such as:
- business cards,
- posters,
- billboards.


We are coding such items as:

Facebook applications: contests, games, landing page with the function of online store, complex forms.

E-commerce solutions: online payments, online shops

Mobile: the mobile webssites, Android, Windows, iPhone, Blackberry.

Systems integration and API such as:
Facebook API, Twitter API, Google API CRM, CMS, ERP, financial and accounting systems (EDI).

3who are we
He is a programmer by education, and graphic designer by passion. He works over 10 years in the industry. First as a designer, and programer now as a product menager. All our project are created under his watchful eye but sometimes he is designing and coding by himself. If you are looking for someone who understands complex code developing issues and at the same time is familiar with the artistic aspect of creation, this is your guy.
Designer, animator and web developer. During last 10 years he created hundreds of web pages, posters, business cards, visualizations and layouts. Thanks to a very good knowledge of the technology he is able to implement even the wildest design into a usefull and advantageous enterprise.
5quality policy


Web design:
automated tests on all browsers and resolutions, a W3C validators, optimization for SEO.

scripts, animatics, reference materials, critical approach to determine the maximum amount of information before the production stage.
Projects at the highest level.


RUP Every project in our company is developed based on Rational Unified Process.
This philosophy has been successfully used in many IT companies (including IBM) for both small and large projects.

In RUP, the production process is divided into stages. Each of the milestones of the process is discussed with the client. This assures us that the project is going in the right direction. This requires a bit of commitment on the part of the client, however as a consequence significantly reduces costs and production time.



Design and animation:

  1. Collection of reference materials from the existing projects on the internet whose elements are similar to the expected - we can collect them for aceptacion as well.
  2. Creation or receiving script from the client (we accept also freehand drawings).
  3. Creation of animatic and key shots.
  4. Changes / Updates.
  5. The final creation of animation or design.


Software development:

  1. Creation of models based on description of existing projects and additional mail reference questions.
  2. Optional execution of test scenarios.
  3. Changes / Fixes.
  4. Determining which elements of the application will be made ​from scratch, which will use existing components paid or unpaid.
  5. Implementation of applications graphic. We can design it or get in from you in any form (jpg., HTML + CSS, freehand drawings, etc.).
  6. Actual creation of application.
  7. External tests on the test server.
  8. Implementation.
7Why Us

Why Us

We are a small but thriving team of passionate developers. Each member of our team, has obtained unique experience in the advertising sector. We can be proud of having more than 10 years of experience in various marketing agencies.

We do projects and we have a lot of experience from very small to medium-sized 100EUR EUR 100 thousand. In order to reduce production costs we have managed to assemble a number of reliable subcontractors in Poland, Ukraine and India. (of course, we personally care about the quality of each even the smallest project).


We work with CPT and CPT modes. We prefer to create the analysis under CPT accurately accounting for hours along with the report of work (time spent on the report is counted - the detail of the report and its frequency can be agreed). We work until the customer accepts the detailed model and possibly other artifacts such as UC analysis and test scenarios.

8contact us

We will answer all your questions and dispel your doubts. Feel free to ask us about our prices and workflows.

E-mail: office@webvizarts.com
Mobile: +48 604 157 770
Phone: +48 22 211 34 74
Address: 357/338 Grochowska str.
  02-738 Warsaw Poland

Webvizarts LLC
Tax ID1132865743
nominal capital 40 000 EUR

We are looking forward to hear from you.
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